In the Media

Oct 2022

Terri Gallagher Featured Speaker at ASA Staffing World 2022

May 2022

Terri Gallagher joins SASR's Advisory Board to provide thought leadership on talent technology and workforce solutions optimization.

March 2022

Terri Gallagher featured Speaker at Ceipal Connect; How the Right Digital Strategy Can Help Smaller Staffing Firms Punch Above Their Weight and Grab More Market Share

September  2021

Gallagher's Trademarked ATP Model featured in Staffing Industry Analysts in CWS 3.0 Publication; "The Next Gen MSP is Agile."

August  2021

Gallagher Featured in The Staffing Stream; "Leveling Up with a Digital Strategy for Happier Customers and Candidates: A Case Study"

August  2021

Terri Gallagher; Speaker for ProcureCon; "Driving Dynamic Change within your #Contingent Workforce Program."

August  2021

Terri Gallagher; Featured on The Ivy Podcast; "How to Prepare for an Agile Talent Strategy and The Increase Demand for External Talent."

April 2021

Gallagher featured in Forbes Magazine; How to Create Workplaces that Work for Caregivers

March 2021

Gallagher Published Article; AI is a Friend of the Humans - And Putting More People Back to Work

January 2021

Gallagher & Consultants and Global Workforce Experts Partner to Enable Emerging Model of Alternative Workforce Solutions

October 2020

Terri Gallagher - Founder - Featured Speaker at Procurecon CS "Sourcing and Onboarding Contingent Talent In A Remote Work Environment"

April 2020

Terri Gallagher - Founder - Published "Now is the Time to Implement Direct Sourcing"

February 2020

Terri Gallagher - Founder - Published "Give it to me Straight - How To Develop a Direct Sourcing Strategy"

December 2019

Terri Gallagher - Founder - Published "Is the Talent Economy Abolishing Retirement?"

October 2019 

Terri Gallagher - Founder - Published "Death of the Gold Watch - The Rise of the Gig Workforce"

August 2019

Terri Gallagher - Founder - Featured article in Spend Matters - "3 Reasons Smaller Consultantcies can Compete with Traditional Consulting"

July 2019

Terri Gallagher - Founder - Spoke at ProcureCon on "Mid-Market Strategies to Manage Your Contingent Labor" 

April 2019

Terri Gallagher - Founder - Feature in Skyward Ventures - "Success Defined" Podcast Series

Feb. 2019

 Terri Gallagher published article in Recruiting Daily; Empower the Disabled Workforce to Fill the Talent Gap

Jan. 2019

Terri Gallagher is featured speaker for the Gig Worker Summit

Oct. 2018

Terri Gallagher, founder is selected to be featured speaker for DisruptHR 

Aug. 2018

Gallagher and Consultants announces their WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS ECOSYSTEM MODEL is trademarked

Jan 2018

Published in Recruiting Daily  This Year's Big Challenge: Integrating the Rapid Growth of On-Demand Talent

December 2017

Gallagher and Consultants Launches You Tube Channel Gig Workforce "5in5" Series

November 2017

Terri Gallagher Founder Key Speaker for PERMA 2017 Fall Education Conference Payroll Trends Within a Non-Traditional Workforce Landscape

August 2017

Gallagher and Consultants Podcast/Interview  Hosted by Catalant  "Navigating the New Normal of On-Demand Talent Acquisition"

June 2017

Published in Spend Matters  MSP and VMS Providers: Are MSPs Effectively Leveraging Technology for Their Customers?

May 2017

Published in HR Insights Magazine Technology and the Future of HR

March 2017

Published in Spend Matters  Why Are Clients Moving Away From MSPs to Internally Managed Programs (IMPs) to Optimize Contingent Labor?

November  2016

Published on WISP HR Technology Website HR Technology and the New Industrial Revolution

July 2016

Published in  Staffing Industry Analysts The Staffing Stream "Trends and Drivers of the Evolving Contingent Workforce."

Podcast The Art of Procurement  "How Should Your Temporary Labor Strategy Evolve to Capitalize on the Future of Work?"

April 2016

Terri Gallagher Founder Key Note Speaker "CXC Corp.  "Future of Work is Now"  San Francisco, CA

Gallagher and Consultants  Published Podcast   How to Select the Right Temporary Workforce Management Solution

Gallagher and Consultants  Webinar Hosted by Contingent Workforce Professionals   Future State of MSP's Embracing the Ecosystem Model

Gallagher and Consultants Align with CXC Corporate Services to Create Best in Class Contingent Workforce Solutions

March 2016

Gallagher and Consultants Published in Spend Matters Magazine; "Will Ecosystem Workforce Solutions Models Replace the Traditional MSP/VMS?"

February 2016

Gallagher and Consultants CEO added to Staffing Innovation Exchange Panel of Leaders   Consortium of the top thought leaders in the Staffing Industry; committed to driving innovation and advocacy for staffing and workforce solutions.

Gallagher and Consultants  Published Podcast   How Procurement can Optimize the Management of Temporary Labor

January 2016

Published in Spend Matters "Your Contingent Labor Strategy What is the Secret Sauce for the Optimal Technology and 'Work Arrangement Intermediary' Mix?"

November 2015

Gallagher and Consultants Hosted Webinar with MBO Partners "Leveraging Independent Contractors A Solution for the Talent War"

Terri Gallagher Founder Key Note Speaker "CXC Corp. Globalization and the Future of Work Summit Dublin Ireland

Gallagher and Consultants is NC State Certified as a WBE Business

October 2015

Published in Spend Matters "5 Changes MSPs Can Make to Adapt to the 'New Normal' in the Worldwide Workforce"

 August 2015

Published in  Staffing Industry Analysts The Staffing Stream "Reach Greater Growth and Profitability in Your Contingent Workforce Programs"