About G&C

We have deep expertise helping organizations across all sectors in private and public industry to provide solutions to better optimize and manage their alternative workforce.  

Our ecosystem of trusted partners and solution providers,  spanning 62 countries across 130 cities, enables us to give you global expertise and local insight to help you achieve a high performing, productive workforce.

trusted experts along with integrated solution providers

in our ecosystem (Data and Analytics, Talent Technology, Compensation Analytics, Implementation, Workforce Strategy and Management, Risk Advisory, Payrolling and Multi-Talent Strategy)
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with double digit revenue growth year over year.  Locations in New York, NY and Charlotte, NC. with Global Office coverage Worldwide within our Partner Network
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With a "people first" leading edge, technology focused approach to solutions and execution on complex workforce challenges, we have experience in human capital management with strong focus in enterprise non-traditional workforce strategy. 

Given our unique and comprehensive history, G&C brings extensive experience and knowledge in all phases of talent supply chain; Multi Talent strategy including Direct Sourcing and Talent Clouds, IC Management, Supplier Optimization, Change Management, VMS and talent acquisition technology selection and performance, analytics, operations, solutions, quality and efficiency.  

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