Our Solution

The originator of the

At Gallagher & Consultants, we use our trademarked ecosystem model of delivery using the best technology providers, workforce consultants and supporting service providers; to enable solutions aligned to the current workforce landscape and trends.  We are not owned by a staffing company, and therefore are a pureplay, nuetral workforce soltuions consultancy company.   We have an integrated strategic alliance with Global Workforce Provider, CXC Corporate Services, who has global workforce expertise across 68 countries to provide multi-national clients pure-play workforce solutions.  

Our primary focus is leveraging and optimizing the best multi-talent supply strategy to help our clients maximize their total workforce

An innovative, low cost technology forward approach to help our clients:

  • Optimize their contingent and gig workforce with emphasis on optimal multi talent supply strategy (Talent Clouds, IC's, SOW, Direct Sourcing).
  • Custom Insourced, Outsourced or  Hybrid Contingent Workforce Programs
  • Provide cost savings of 5-20% year-over-year.
  • Improve the quality of hire and avoid co-employment and compliance risk.
  • Integrate their contingent labor into a total workforce strategy that delivers maximum business impact.

The Solution Can be Outsourced or Built In-House

(Multi - Talent Supply - Workforce Strategy Focused)

Solution Benefits

  • Dynamic and fluid model goes beyond outdated functional control/transactional approach
    • Can grow with your total talent supply needs to integrate all categories of non-traditional talent into total workforce strategy
    • Provides maximum cost savings, visibility, and global workforce expertise
    • Advanced data and analytics expertise with dedicated BA talent
  • Optimizes Technology solution with dedicated technology support/administration
    • Maximizes functionality and performance of technology
    • Technology driven; evolves with client needs
  • Staffing neutral, pure-play workforce strategy approach.
  • Advanced and knowledgeable consultants acts proactively, strategically and provides best practices 

Industry Standard

(MSP/Staffing Hybrid)

(Staffing Companies are Fulfillment/Requisition Management focused)

Voice of The Customer Summary

  • Model primarily functional control; requistion management and fulfillment based; monolithic MSP/VMS combination with limited agility.
  • Technology Options Limited. Integration, development, maintenance support spread across several programs
  • Is not supplier neutral; Staffing Owned providers have strong incentive to protect existing contractor base and/or ensure growth of staffing business 
  • Operations talent is transactional focused; more advanced talent diluted across dozens of programs
Program Design
Multi-Talent Supply Chain 
Total Talent Management
BA Expertise
Advanced data, trending, analytics
Talent acquisition
Supplier Optimization
Supplier Relationships
Global Workforce Expertise
Compliance, Risk Mgmt
Legal, Regulatory, Tax
Shared Services - Requisition Lifecycle Management
Data integrity
Approvals, timesheet mgmt. financials, basic reporting
Technology  Ecosystem Integration/Roadmap
Workforce Mgmt. Software Selection/Implementation