Client Companies

Provide objective, cost effective, innovative solutions to enable a successful multi-talent supply strategy

Leveraging a unique and trademarked approach, we help you gain clarity into and optimizing your alternative labor (Contingent Workers, Independent Contractors, Consultants);  enhancing productivity, gaining visibility, cost savings, avoiding risk, and ensuring high quality and timely delivery of non traditional labor. 

We help you leverage and integrate this valuable component of your workforce to meet key deliverables around growth, expansion, market share.

We do this by:

  • Targeted Assessment, Discovery, Program Design and Technology selection (in-house or outsourced), and current state Analysis for Talent Management Strategies.
  • Elevate and Optimize current alternative workforce programs to align with current digital workforce landscape trends.
  • Provide the roadmap and solutions to integrate your alternative workforce into company-wide total workforce strategy for your Blended Workforce (Multi Talent Supply Management); identify right mix and type of talent for your business; what jobs to outsource, what should remain in-house.
  • Help  to determine best program, strategy, next steps, to get structure and processes around your alternative workforce and how to ensure high adoption rates and buy-in from your leadership.
  • Ensure you have the right systems, processes and program in place for a productive, focused and committed total workforce.